Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stamp Board

I purchased Stamp Board a while back but was never happy with the results so it was put aside and forgotten about until a friend suggested that I try Alcohol Inks on it. WOW! I am now hooked. For this piece I covered the Stamp Board with Alcohol Inks, then stamped into it. I then coated it with Clear Papier and while it was wet placed the watch face into it and let it dry.

CBA - House Swap - Group 1

Chunky Book Artists is holding another swap. The theme is 'Houses'. We were given a template for the size of the house but the rest was up too us. There are 15 participants in each group. I chose to sign up for all three houses. For Group 1, I chose to do a Bird House. The background was achieved using Verdigris Patina, a product that I have not used before, but am now hooked on.

CBA - House Swap - Group 2

Chunky Book Artists Swap - Theme 'Houses".
I chose to do a Butterfly House for Group 2. It was great fun creating this & I got really messy doing the background.

CBA - House Swap - Group 3

Chunky Book Artists Swap - Theme 'Houses'.
For Group 3, I chose to do a Beach House. It may not look much but it took quite a while to do each one as each panel is done individually. Never mind I love the outcome.

NGS - September Art Lottery

Each month NGS have an Art Lottery. The theme for September was 'Swirls & Flourishes'. I entered it and won. This means that all the entries for the month will be posted to me. I can't believe that I won it, I am so excited to receive everyone's work from all different countries.

This is my entry for September.