Sunday, October 2, 2011

Copic 'Spray' Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
The weather here is cold & wet, so what a wonderful day to sit & 'play'.

I have been asked by several people what I mean when I say 'Copic Sprays' so I thought I would put together some instructions just in case you want to have a play too.

I use these sprays for just about everything, to colour cardstock, flowers, chipboard etc.
I must admit that I like everything to match!!

What you will need:
Mini Mister
Copic '0' blender
Copic Reinkers
Heat Gun
Covered workspace
Well ventilated area

Step 1:
Gather '0', reinkers & mini mister

Step 2:
Filling the 'spray' bottle
I start with filling the mister with 1/3 of '0' blender.
On the reinker bottle you will find small line markers.
I then add 2 or 3 of these markers of each colour to the mister.

Step 3:
The filled 'spray'
Replace the cap & you are ready to spray

Step 4:
Using the 'spray' cover the entire piece of cardstock

Step 5:
Saturate the cardstock with the 'spray'

Step 6:
Heat cardstock using the Heat Gun
(Make sure you are in a well ventilated area)
Allow the puddle of ink to move around & make 'runs'.
Continue adding more 'spray' until you are happy
Step 7:
Finished cardstock

Step 8:
Use the cardstock as you wish
Finished Creation using 'Sprayed cardstock'

I hope you have found this tutorial useful & please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
I would love to see your creations using this 'spray' technique.

Until next time


  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing. Is your coloured image a print and cut

  2. Thanks Penny, the image isn't a print & cut, I haven't quite mastered the Pazzle yet. I just do basic cuts on it.

  3. Oops, I mean 'Gazelle, LOL

  4. It looks stunning Melissa. You are very talented.
    Alicia xx

  5. This is really cool Melissa and the finished project looks amazing!!!! Fabulous tutorial and don't you just *love* the versatility of Copics!!! :)

  6. Awesome tutorial babe. Great idea. Will have to give it a go.